“Advertising materials at the touch of a button”. Do you also sometimes think that the high costs charged for making your advertising materials a reality surely no longer align with today’s technology? That it must be possible to throw all the content in one pot, and shortly after receive the finished page in the top quality you are used to (which was previously expensive), and thereby save time and money? Get your advertising to market quicker, and, above all, with up-to-date offers and prices at all times.

With the (partially) automated printing of your printed advertising materials (catalogues, brochures, flyers,…) all the content flows directly from your product management system or PIM system to a prefabricated layout.  The images, texts, tables, etc. are positioned on the page using output logic. This means that several hundred pages can be ready to print within minutes, and product information can be updated until the very last second. Depending on the creative requirements you have for your advertising material, the graphics expert can make minor or major layout amendments.

This means that production times can be up to 40% shorter and companies who publish partial catalogues at short intervals using print automation can react better to market changes and publicise new products quicker. At the same time, you can reduce internal expenses permanently, and sustainably use your resources for current issues.