Automated Media Production

Individualization and Automation

Save time and money for media production without compromising on quality. Our experienced network of media production- and IT-specialists produces the largest volumes reliably and fast. For print, e-commerce, mobile and stationary retail.

In the (semi-) automated production of media called Database Publishing (DBP), contents are automatically transferred from your database to a predefined layout grid. Individual grids make sure to visualize appealing changes and attractive designs in your catalog or brochure.

Specifically defined workflows guarantee the collaboration and involvement of all stakeholders, like purchasing department, marketing manager, translator and graphic artist.

The media neutral production and centralized storage of your product information, marketing texts, photos/images and videos allow the usage in all communication channels. Your contents can be distributed automatically to print media, online shops, mobile channels, outdoor, Point-of-Sale (POS) and other channels.

Thus, you will get the perfect mixture of personalization, automation and flexibility with the greatest possible efficiency in the production process

To guarantee the implementation of your processes in the best possible way, we rely both on the proven software solutions of RS Media Marketing Services as well as other specialized software vendors.