Individualization & Targeting

Winning a customer is important, but customer loyalty is crucial. Regular customers usually buy more and require significantly less advertising budget than winning new customers.

A key element to increasing customer satisfaction and thus customer loyalty is a personal and targeted approach. Who wants to be perceived as “one among many”?

From Big Data to Smart Data

It’s not only about addressing your customers personally. Content is the key to successful cross and upselling. Offer your customers the right products at the right time through personalized advertising.

Marketing Targeting, Web2Print, Dynamic Publishing, Print on Demand – no matter what you call it, addressing your customers’ individual needs engenders positive emotions and increases measurably the propensity to buy. Customer-specific communication relies on the use of data gained through all channels and automated production processes, i.e. the integration of online, print and back-end systems.

At RS Media Marketing Services we have 30 years’ experience in the retail industry and are therefore an excellent partner for your marketing targeting. With our expertise, proven processes and intelligent software we support you in the creation of online and offline media, ranging from automated print PDFs for supplements to personalized web banners and recommendation engines.