RS: GSD is one of the largest companies in Asia with its own academy to train people to be state-recognised media designers. With a total of over 600 highly trained employees and more than 60 apprentices, it provides services in the fields of agency work, image processing and rendering.

Product rendering in the packaging domain allows our customers to receive a high quality image for print and online advertising, even before the product is available. The packaging layout acts as the basis for the 3D rendering of the product. The product-specific lattice model — which we can also create, if required — is related to this information, and is then available in all the qualities and resolutions you require. The product can be advertised at an early stage, saving photography costs.

Offshore image processing saves time and money. Your processed image will be returned to you within 24 hours, no matter what volume, and whether you opt for high-end for print or for online.